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5 Tips For Selecting Curtains

by Rod Banks 10/06/2019

If you are considering framing your windows with long curtains and drapes, they are a great way to add unexpected glamour and personality to your home. The biggest challenge that comes with this for most people is the difficulty in selecting curtains. So, before you head out to your home goods store to buy some, check out these hints and tips.

  1. What is the purpose you want your curtains will serve in any given room? Will they provide a splash of color? Privacy? Darkness? Warmth? All of the above? If you opt for lined panels, you will be able to control the temperature in the room, and also regulate the amount of light that filters through. Using a loose-weave cotton lining will help preserve the fabric while still allowing some light to penetrate. For bedrooms, a blackout lining is perfect because it prevents light from sifting through to disturb the sleeper.
  2. Think very well about the color and pattern of curtains you want to use. Curtains max out a significant volume of visual space, and that is sure to reflect on the general outlook of your room. Before you select any final color, request a swatch of the fabrics you have in mind and bring them into the room you want to decorate. Place them on the furniture and against walls to see if they match. You can tape swatches to the wall for a few days before you decide.
  3. Don't hold back on size. Your curtains should be at least double the width of your windows and long enough to reach the floor. Having them puddle on the floor gives a more elegant look. Otherwise, they can stop short of the floor. Short curtains should brush the window sill. If you're buying ready-made curtains, it's advisable to buy them too long and then have them hemmed.
  4. Hardware is important also. The curtain rods should complement the fabric. Use large and decorative rods for heavy drapes such as velvet, while light silks and sheers can balance on lightweight metal rods. The hardware should also match the rest of the room and connect to the design there.
  5. Consider your different needs before settling on fabric options. Cotton is easy to clean and can be used anywhere while velvet can be a little thick and formal for some rooms. In the same way that sheers are rather light and graceful, they don't add much to the privacy of the room.

It’s always better to consider future needs before you eventually pick a fabric option. Before purchasing drapes for a home you're selling, talk to your professional stager to make certain they are neutral and complement the home's architectural features.

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