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AFR is an independent, well-known, successful real estate brokerage in the Tampa Bay area. We provide residential and commercial services in retail and REO markets. All interested buyers and sellers appreciate our ease of access and transparency of representation. Skillsets for these markets are honed from family real estate influences dating back to 1966.

AFR has maintained a real estate presence for almost two decades resulting in a demand from retail buyers and seller, as well as, default servicing sellers in the REO markets. Rod Banks, the principal broker, is knowledgeable and capable with licenses in real estate, insurance and the mortgage markets. Additionally, he is highly trained in both the technology sector with engineering degrees and business sector with management and business degrees. Dedicated to constantly improving, our current endeavors are leading into the paralegal and law related fields as they apply to these areas.

What truly sets AFR apart from other companies is our qualified ability to provide customers with unique personalized business advice, guidance and solutions. We personally address everyone’s needs tailored to a specific buying or selling desire, including specific direction with respect to investment goals and assistance in improving credit worthiness in preparation for mortgage approval. Make sure you contact us in your research efforts. We genuinely urge anyone to request a property valuation, an ongoing list of current MLS properties, insurance or mortgage quotes or any other information which may be needed in this ever-changing business.

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What Clients Are Saying

My family just moved to Florida. We sold our home in Indiana and coordinated a purchase in this sunshine capital. This was quite a project that required critical timing. We were very fortunate to have a qualified professional agent like Rod to help us. There were many details in the logistics that had to be dealt with day-to-day. We really appreciate Rod and the consistent way guidance was provided throughout the purchase timeline. Bless you Rod, and consider us friends for life!


Thanks again Rod!

Roger, Toni and our three ‘kids (puppies)’

We are first time homebuyers and really have pride in our home. Investment properties are the next purchases.

Thanks for your help, Rod.


Shaq and Jaylin

We are happy buyers on the golf course! Such a beautiful home with chip and putt anytime – right on the 10th green.


Thanks Rod! 

Rob and Christy

I had no idea how to go about buying house or even where to begin with the process. Rod started helping me through the process about 2 years ago. He started sending me houses and properties that were up for sale. Rod gave me pointers on how to build my credit to get it where it needed to be to buy a house. Well, I finally got my credit where it needed to be, I contacted Rod with the property that I wanted. We met at the property and did a full walk through. I decided that was the place I wanted. Within 5 months, we did a lot of paper signing, a lot of visits to the property and now I am a happy homeowner! I could not have done it without Rod! He was a great help through the whole process and was very intelligent through the whole situation. I can highly recommend Rod as a realtor to anybody that may be looking to buy their future home!

Thank you for everything you have done for us, Rod! 


Sincerely, the Reinhardt family!

And now, a Veteran's dream...


This new home involved many months in the build process.

While stationed overseas I continually received photo progress reports from Mr. Banks.

What a beautiful Virginia model home Lennar builds - from initial lot development to the final polished product.

Special thanks to all the Lennar support personnel, especially Chris, Joe, Brennan, Colleen and Christy – they really went out of their way to finish a month early.

I literally could not have received this superb personal attention without Rod in the loop. I will always remember this great experience!

Thanks Rod!

Eddie F.

I am an investor and building contractor. I have purchased and sold several properties with Rod since 2016. My family has also utilized Rod for real estate services. We really like the customer service and reliability. One of my holdings had a title cloud due to an older mortgage held by a collection agency. Rod negotiated this seamlessly over the course of almost six months. The outcome was a clean, marketable title and expungement of the old $130,000 mortgage belonging to the previous owner.

Thanks, Rod!


Chris M.

I am a happy seller/investor. Rod kept me updated throughout the entire process.

Thanks, Rod!


Mike P.